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New Technologies


François Mansart (23 January 1598 – 23 September 1666)
17th-century architect of the King of France

Mansart S.A. is a group of companies focused on culture, sport, new technologies and entertainment founded and owned by Hervé Lancelin.

As conductor of emotion and passion, Mansart S.A. generates unique collective experiences.

Information circulates at a rapid rate in our society and events quickly disappear off the horizon. It’s not always easy to bear in mind that the business world also needs to aim towards consistency over the long term. A company’s success is not founded on one-off achievements, but on sustainable viability. This sustainable approach goes beyond simple economic concerns – it draws its strength from identity.
A company differentiates itself by holding to a set of values. These values enable it to assert itself more effectively. Mansart’s values, together with the quality of its corporate culture, rest on two pillars – its rich and varied history and the commitment of the people who embody it.

In the constantly changing world, the capacity for self-renewal through the creation of alternative solutions is a decisive competitive advantage. Creativity is much more than just a recurring theme at Mansart; it is a daily way of life for the group’s employees.

As a diversified group, Mansart has always been managed from a long-term perspective and has never indulged in fleeting trends. This approach, combined with the family nature of its capital structure, has made independence a key value for Mansart.